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ppr insulation
Stainless steel water tank Advantages
Easy installation
Using homogeneous hot melt connection, installed to facilitate saving, product outer wall smooth

Barrel light as possible
Light weight, high strength, good toughness

Corrosion-resistant, non-fouling
Corrosion, fouling, health, basic components of carbon and hydrogen, in line with food hygiene regulations

Heat, pressure and strong life
Heat, pressure, temperature long life and long-term use of PPR pipes 95 ℃, short-term use temperature up 120 ℃. The temperature is 70 ℃, working pressure of 1.2MPa conditions

The best insulation material
A closed water tank insulation, a special plate complete agreement with polyurethane insulation board, insulation layer 5 Cm polyurethane foam insulation effect excellent insulation
PPR Insulation advantages
Insulation performance 5-8 times
The new PPR PPR pipe insulation using Liansu hot inner core tube + polyurethane foam insulation + PVC (PE)

Save 80% labor costs
When the factory is ready for insulation, construction site do not need insulation, can be installed directly

Insulation and long service life
The inner and outer tube with Liansu pipe insulation, antifreeze, sunscreen, wind

Any adjustment insulation layer thickness
According to the North-South differences in climate

Pipe bend, no deformation
Champion insulation 5cm PPR pipe ends are exposed, without cutting, direct fusion welding, over 95 °

Strong production capability

16 yearsSince, specializing inStainless steel water towerandStainless steel water tank insulationproduce

Now we have an experienced, well-trained management personnel and technical personnel, has a good reputation

Using high quality imported materials

Stainless steel towers cited South Korea50MMThick polyurethane insulation layer, used in line with international standards

Fully automatic whole foam molding technology in the manufacture of cold water tank and holding tank process


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